When you arrive, we will fill out a card with your information and how you want it cut up and any extras that you may want. A numbered tag will be placed on the deer and you will receive the other part of the tag with the same number, that insures that we have the right deer when it is ready to process.

The meat is processed the same as the domestic animals

Domestic animals are brought to our plant already skinned and gutted by the owner or we can make arrangements to come to your farm or house and slaughter it for you.

When the animal arrives we hang and weigh it, wash it down and then role it into the cooler where it will stay until it is ready to  to cut. Cows will hang 7-21 days. Pigs will hang 3-7 days

When the animal is ready to process, we will take it out of the cooler and we will follow the customers order as to how they want their cuts done.

When the meat is cut, it is placed in vacuum seal bags, sealed and labels are placed on each package as to the cut of meat and the date is was processed.

Anything that is ground is put in a heavy plastic tube (similar to sausage in grocery store). 1 1/2 and 2 1/2  pound packs available for domestic.

After your animal is all cut up and labeled it will be taken to the freezer to await for pickup.

Once you have bagged your game, you can bring it to us and we can skin and gut it for you, but just remember if it's hot it needs to be gutted and ice placed in the chest cavity


Wild Game


Don't forget about our Famous Summer Sausage and Snack Sticks

We can add cheese and extra spices to both

Cheeses available: Pepper Jack, Cheddar, and Mozzarella

Spices available: Crushed Red Peppers, Cayenne peppers, and Jalapeno peppers

We will give you cooking instructions or we can cook them for you

Domestic Animals


We need a tag number given by the state where it was killed or a license number if that state don't have tag numbers.

Also if you bring in a deer from another state check the NC Wildlife Resourses hand book to check on the states that has Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) to see how you can bring it back into North Carolina.

We will gladly process it providing it in done by the regulations.